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Vintage Pincushion
a beginner II level class –

1 Session - $5.00 – with Barbara Chaffin

Pincushions have always sparked a lot of interest and enjoyment. Each era seems to have had its’ own style. In this class we will pay homage to days gone by using vintage buttons, ribbons, and trims to embellish a basic linen pincushion. I have had such a good time using these sweet items that I couldn’t throw away, but had to stash away. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that each of you has such a collection. If not, or if you need to supplement, there are lots of new retro/vintage looks to be had. I’ll provide lots of class models as examples. Come take this class for the fun of it. You probably need a little sentimental pincushion by your favorite hand sewing chair. Or, don’t you have a friend who would treasure a handmade pincushion from you?

Day Dates Time Item # Online Enrollment
Monday September 26 1:30 - 4:00 pm 100201589 Class is cancelled