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Thousand Pyramids
An intermediate level class

1 Session – $45.00 – with Cynthia Regone

This class can be considered both a project class and a technique class because there are several things you will learn. Not only is it fun and exciting to have a nationally known teacher in the shop, but it is also interesting to learn something new and different. The name comes from using 1,000 different fabrics to make the triangles in the quilt. Now, don’t pass out! You are not required to do that, but wouldn’t it be fun to try? Cynthia will be showing you how to cut the triangles, and use pre-printed paper on a roll to sew on. This makes for very accurate triangles. If you bring 5” squares of equal amounts of lights and darks to the class you will be able to swap fabrics with others as each 5” square makes 2 triangles. Charlcie cannot wait to take this class.

Required: 36 degrees Sew and Fold on a Roll Tri-Angles, 36 degree Tri-Angles Ruler, and 1000 Pyramid pattern.


Day Dates Time Item # Online Enrollment
Friday September 30 9:00 am - 3:00 pm 100201573 Enroll Now - Click here