Machine Piecing Center Star


Using Freezer Paper, make multiple copies of the triangle used in block 1.  Cut the triangles out of the freezer paper on the lines.   Iron each piece onto the wrong side of the fabric.  Use a rotary cutter and cut each piece from the fabric adding a quarter inch on each side.

MP 1

With right sides together, pin the two pieces together.  Be sure that the top of the triangle intersects with the bottom of the triangles on the  1/4 inch line.


Use the edge as a guide and sew from one end to the other end.


Add a third triangle, once again matching up the end of the freezer paper templates on the 1/4 inch line.  Sew from end to end.



To sew rows together, match up the freezer paper points.  Sew all the way across from end to end.


Continue adding rows until your unit is complete.

Make four star units.

Cut your center Square, and applique the circles in place.  See applique tutorial.

Center Square _ Circle Midnight


Sew a star point to each side of the center square.

Add setting triangles

The setting triangles (black dot) are sewn in using a Y seam.  Start by drawing a line with your pencil, using a 1/4″ ruler.  Mark dots at each corner 1/4″ from the points and also at the top of the triangle.


Match the dots to the 1/4″ point of the star and the center where each star comes together.  Sew along the line, stopping at the top of the triangle at the dot.  Pin the opposite side and sew from the top of the dot to the remaining star point.  Add the other three remaining setting triangles to the center square.

Add Border.

Midnight Center

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