Machine Applique

One of our favorite notions is Shades Soft Fuse.  It is a very light weight fusible webbing used for machine applique.

Begin by tracing your pattern on the dull side of the paper.  Cut out, leaving a small margin around your applique shape.   Note:  Most of the patterns in Midnight are not reversed, so you will need to flip the pieces over to make a reversed template to trace.

Lay your applique pieces on the wrong side of the fabrics and press using a hot iron.  It doesn’t take long, maybe just a count to 1, 2, 3 and it will be fused.  Give it just a minute to cool, then remove the paper backing.  You are now ready to fuse to the background fabric.  In some cases, you will be layering multiple shapes to each other before fusing to the main background fabric.

Use your favorite stitch, blanket, buttonhole or zigzag to machine applique.

Needles and Thread:

Make certain your machine is clean.  I like to use an 80/12 for machine applique, but that really depends on the type of thread you are using.  The rule is for a 70/10 use a 60 wt thread, for an 80/12 use a 50 wt thread.

Be sure to use a tear away stabilizer on the back of your applique.  This keeps the back threads from pulling up into the top stitching.

Pick your favorite stitch and applique your pieces to the background fabrics.   Be sure to slow down as you go around those circle, otherwise your applique stitches will become slanted.


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