Hand Piecing

Hand Piecing –

I found this little tool an amazing Notion to add to my tool-kit.  Jen Kingwell’s simple seam wheel.

Quarter Inch Seam Wheel 575



This small hole goes down against the fabric.


The Larger hole goes up so that the pencil actually bevels around the plastic template.


Using a pencil or fine-line marker, trace the pattern / templates on see through template plastic.   Cut out directly on marked lines.




Place plastic templates right side down on wrong side of fabric and trace around the plastic template with a marking pencil.  Do not remove the plastic template pattern.  Use your seam wheel and a mechanical pencil and run the seam wheel around the plastic template (this adds the 1/4″ seam allowance).




Cut out fabric patches on the 1/4″ added seam allowance.   Place 2 fabric units (triangles) right sides together, aligning marked seam lines. Insert a pin straight through layered fabrics at each end of seam, being sure you match up points and seam lines.


Using a single strand of thread about 18˝ long, take a stitch and a backstitch on the seam line, beginning at marked corner (not fabric edge).  Make small, evenly spaced running stitches on the seam line, backstitching at end. Do not stitch into seam allowances. Trim thread.  Do Not press seams until you have finished hand sewing the triangle units together.  Be sure that you are stitching from point to point and matching up your lines on both sides of your fabric before you stitch.




Align and pin the third triangle piece.  Remember you are not stitching from end to end, but rather from pin to pin.



Be sure at the points, you pass the needle through each seam, do a back stitch, knot and leave that  1/4″ open.




Continue adding the required amount of triangles for each row.  Remember you are only sewing from point to point as you add each triangle.  I recommend you knot every 6 to 8 stitches. Do not press until you have all the triangles for that row sewn together.    Sew Rows together to form the triangle.


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