2-for-1 9-Patch

Two-For-One Nine Patch

 Here is a tutorial on how to make the Two-For-One Nine Patch blocks.  The example is for a 9” finished block, but at the end of the tutorial there is a chart for the formula so you can make any size block you want.

 This method will give you one nine patch with dark corners, and one block with light corners, so it will not benefit you if you want all your blocks to have dark corners.

1.  Layer a light and dark fabric, right sides together, and cut a 10 ½” square.

2.  Using a ¼” seam allowance, join the squares together on two opposite sides.

3. Take the block to the cutting board and measure in 3½” from one stitched side, Cut a 3½” strip. 


 4.  Measure in 3½” from the other stitched side and cut.  You will have two stitched segments and two unstitched strips.


5.  Press the stitched segments toward the dark fabric.  Add a contrasting strip to one-side of each block. 


6.   Stitch and press toward the dark fabric.


7.  Place the two segments right sides together with the seams running in the same direction.  If you pressed everything toward the dark fabric, the seams will nest together.  


8.  Now stitch together across the previously made seams.  Stitch opposite sides. 


9.  Cut 3 ½ “ from each seamed edge

10.  Press toward the side with the most dark fabric.  Add the unstitched strips to the pieced segments, dark to light.

 Voila!  You have two mirror image blocks.

 This method is great if you would like to use up scraps of one color, and with mirror image blocks you will get a quilt that looks like a checkerboard. 

 CHART – Block sizes given are for finished blocks.

 For 3” blocks, start with a 4 ½” square

For 6” blocks, start with a 7 ½” square

For 9” blocks, start with 10 ½” square

For 12” blocks, start with a 13 ½” square

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