Luna Notte by 3 Sisters

While at spring market, we found this adorable pattern, Love at Home, from Under the Garden Moon.  Tiny sawtooh stars surround appliqued vines,  sprouting around a vintage salt box house.  Debbie was hooked, since she is our tiny star queen.  Of course, we are all hooked on using  Eleanor Burns flying geese rulers.  The next task at hand was finding the right fabric.  From 3 Sisters comes Luna Notte, a vintage, romantic collection that will capture your heart, with memories of yesterday.  Soft grays, pinks and acquas with rustic reds and blacks.  This was definitely our pick!


Cream background with mixtures of peonies, lillies, roses and  woodland flowers.


Rustic reds with creamy pinks and sage greens.  



Tone on Tones

Large Peonies and woodland flowers


If you haven’t used Eleanor Burn’s flying geese ruler, you will definetly want to check out our tutorial page for using her method to make four perfect flying geese at one time. 

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