Infant Crisis Services

On the first Friday of the month, a very remarkable thing happens inside the Oklahoma Quiltworks classroom. Volunteers flood the room with sewing machines, fabric, enthusiastic chatter and a whole lot of love to make quilts for the very young whose families are in need.

Oklahoma Quiltworks supports, as its community project, Infant Crisis Services (ICS) by coordinating the effort and receiving donated fabrics for this incredible quilt-making project. The volunteers who donate their time, energy, love and talent complete more than 40 baby quilts each month.

“They are
angels… the love they
offer is evident when you hand a quilt to a family.”

ICS is a non-profit, privately-funded emergency food pantry that provides for the immediate needs of children from birth to 48 months of age. Children are referred to ICS by hospitals, churches, local and state agencies. The center was created in 1984 and now provides formula, food, diapers and other essential items to children and served more than 14,000 babies in 2011.

“They are angels as far as we’re concerned,” says ICS Executive Director Miki Farris about the quilters. “The love they offer is evident when you hand a quilt to a family.” She adds, “The nicest thing for us is when we take that new quilt out there and tell a family that someone they don’t even know loves their child.”

How you can help

Volunteers, who want to help but are unable to join in the all-day quilting sessions, can donate their time by sewing quilt tops at home. Packaged, pre-cut kits are ready to be picked up at the shop. Just piece, press and return. We are fortunate also in having ladies who, using their personal fabrics, cut, design and sew quilt tops at home. During the past two or three years, a number of ladies have completed, at home, over a hundred tops each, from kits or from personal stashes.

Remember, the quilters depend on donated fabric – cottons preferred, brights are wonderful. Small pieces will be used in kits and the larger pieces will be used for quilt backs. Flannels are needed also – for the cooler parts of the year. If you would like to donate fabric, drop it off at the shop or give us a call (405-842-4778).

Jean Scott is the official coordinator of the shop’s ICS community project and gets everything ready for the monthly all-day sewing sessions. The ICS project occupies a lot of her time and energy but the project is one which she finds personally rewarding.

Learn more about Infant Crisis Services
by calling them at: (405) 528-3663 or e-mailing them at: