Eco Friendly Reusable Totes

Just in time for the holidays, these new styles in the reusable totes, just arrived this week. 

Made from 100{4c76eb18d79af857ad50431e036d68d339032b328c3fd93e488edbb45135e17f} recycled water bottles, these reusable totes can make a big difference in our ecological system. These bags are great for taking to the shopping market, (everyone always wants to know where you purchased your shopping bags); for lunch and gift bags!



Lunch Size



Grocery Bags


3 thoughts on “Eco Friendly Reusable Totes”

  1. I purchase them for “gift bags”. I have had a gift to wrap and I usually purchase a gift bag at the “card shop”, “dollar store”, “wal-mart/target”, etc. But the recycled bags are a great price and they make a little extra gift–so a small or large gift looks great with a little tissue paper in one of the recycled shopping bags.

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