Maison De Grance

It’s here! 

Picture yourself laying on a beautiful quilt, having a picnic beside the Seine River, with a glass of wine, cheese and crackers.  Picture this quilt being made from Maison Da Garance, the breathtaking fabric inspired from 18th century French textiles and the Garance Flower, found in France.  The tiny white flower’s root produces a red dye, used to produce shades, from deep reds to choclate browns.    

Maison De Grance is the fabric we have choosen for “A Graceful Baltimore”, one of our 2011,  Block of the Months. 

Twisted Path

Card Trick

Snails Tail

A Graceful Baltimore

New Block of the Month for 2011

Debbie fell in love with this quilt at market and we deemed it would be a great Block of the Month for next year.  A Graceful Baltimore combines both pieced and appliqued blocks.   A little history about the Baltimore Album blocks, which actually originated in Baltimore, Maryland in the 1840’s.  Young ladies loved to make these types of quilts, as the quilts were known as presentation quilts.  Blocks were made with newly purchased multi-colored, wavy fabrics and reflected designs in florals, birds, people and landmarks.  If you would like more information on “Baltimore Album Quilts” visit

Of course, now comes the exciting challenge of planning the right fabrics for our quilt.   Debbie, Verlinda and Charlcie looking at fabric choices.


 Debbie makes up a couple of blocks and the winner… “Maison de Garance” from Moda’s French General. 


  Braided Blossom reflects the floral design. 

   We will keep you posted on the progress of A Graceful Baltimore…and that’s not all, we have more Block of the Months planned for the coming months!