Medical Masks Needed for Veterans Hospital

The Oklahoma Veterans Hospital has an immediate need for medical masks.  We are asking quilters to help as much as possible with this need.

If you would like to make simple masks at home for our veteran hospital staff, email Toni at to coordinate delivery of the masks.

General Mask Requirements

Use tightly woven 100% cotton fabric & cotton thread
Remember that both men & women need masks
Masks will be washed and sterilized before use
Any excess masks will be donated to others in need

Possible Organization Specific Requirements

No elastic (it may have latex)
Nose pocket for wire
Filter pocket
Set size

Mask Patterns & Tutorials

  • Video tutorial- Double layer with nose wire, filter pocket and elastic from Easy to Sew
  • Pattern – Double layer contour mask with ties from Free Sewing
  • Pattern – Double layer with filter pocket and ties from  Charles Hospital
  • Pattern – Double layer contour mask with ties from Andover Fu Face Mask
  • Pattern – Double layer contour mask with ties in multiple sizes from Craft Passion
  • Video tutorial – Double layer with ties from Sew DIY