Honeycombs! Hexagons! Grandmother’s Flower Garden!

English Paper Piecing is finding it’s way back!

An old favorite with a new twist.  One of our customers, Shelly Overholt, was inspired by the “Grandmother’s Flower Garden” pattern.  At the time, I couldn’t believe she wanted to sit and hand piece these small tiny hexagons together to make a pillow.  It wasn’t long after she started, I came to understand how one could get so excitied.   She wanted to create a honey-comb to use on a pillow with the English Paper Piecing templates using yellow and gold fabrics.   I think the completed project is just fantastic. 
Now it seems, looking through many of the new quilting magazines, the hexagon template is making a comeback, not in a Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt, but on pillows, purses and pincushions, wall hangings and even t-shirts.   
The pattern can be traced back to 18th century Hexagon Quilts, with names such as the honeycomb or six sided patchwork.  The pattern was brought to America by immigrants from England.  Historians believe that the hexagon pattern might be one of the oldest pieced quilting patterns. 
English paper piecing is a method using a hexagon template cut out of paper or light cardboard.  Squares are cut out of fabric and shaped around each hexagon template,  then basted.  Each hexagon is then pieced together by hand, using a whipstitch.  If the quilter is careful after she finishes sewing them together, she might be able to take some of these hexagon templates out to be used again.    
If you would like to download your own templates, click here.
We would love to post your Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilts, Honeycombs or Hexagon projects on our Flicker Page.  Send your name and a 4 x 6 inch picture (no larger than 300 pixels per inch) to toni@okquiltworks.com
These lovely antiques were a gift to Debbie from a member of a quilt guild back in California.  What a treasure to receive a whole box of Grandmother’s Flower Garden rosette’s.
 Willie Ruth’s, Grandmother’s Flower Garden.  She is making a whole quilt using this lovely pattern.  Can’t wait to see this when it is done!

Some new ideas for English Paper Piecing


The Honeycomb Hexagon Quilt, pattern found on  page 143. 

Stitch – Special Issue

The Hexagon Beach Bag, pattern found on page 62.

101 Patchwork Projects + Quilts 2011

The Linen Coin Purse , Patchwork Needle Case & Little Patchwork Pillow


Eco Friendly Reusable Totes

Just in time for the holidays, these new styles in the reusable totes, just arrived this week. 

Made from 100{4c76eb18d79af857ad50431e036d68d339032b328c3fd93e488edbb45135e17f} recycled water bottles, these reusable totes can make a big difference in our ecological system. These bags are great for taking to the shopping market, (everyone always wants to know where you purchased your shopping bags); for lunch and gift bags!



Lunch Size



Grocery Bags


New Fall Fabrics Arrive

We will soon notice the summer season beginning to change..Indian Summer…my favorite time of the year.  The nights will be a little cooler and the days a little shorter.  What better time to start thinking about fall school clothes, quilts and decorating the college dorm.  

 Saltbox Harvest

New from Deb Strain comes Saltbox Harvest.  The fabric line includes a panel with two Saltbox houses sitting under an oak tree, a bountiful harvest surrounds a small haystack, the oak tree filled with acorns and paired with vivid reds, oranges, browns and golds.     Download this free pattern from Moda   http://www.unitednotions.com/fp_saltbox-harvest.pdf





New from Sandy Gervais comes Awesome.  Falling leaves, acorns and all the colors of fall.