Challenge kick-off a success

The 9-patch summer challenge appears to be a success.    What a great way to spend the summer, making 9-patches.  If you haven’t taken the challenge, it isn’t to late. 

Thursday evening was the kick-off and we had such a nice group show up with interest in the summer challenge.  Charlcie had many variations of the 9-patch to show and tell about and lots of great ideas for quilts.  The internet is a great place to also look for ideas for 9-patch quilts.  Maybe you will even come up with your own design.  Of course we do not want to leave out the online participants.  We would love to receive pictures of your blocks and a short blurb on what you might do with your 9-patches.

Nine Patch Summer Challenge

 Why focus on a Nine Patch Block?    It is one of the easiest and most versatile blocks that a quilter can make.  You can make just one at a time or several at a time.  Summer brings many things to fill our time; gardening, grandchildren, vacations, and spending time with family and friends enjoying what the summer has to offer us.  We generally do not sew as much during the summer months.  The purpose of the challenge is to get quilters to focus on making one nine patch block a day, and before long you have made enough to make a quilt without really working at it.     

This quilt is a traditional  9-patch with sashing and cornerstones.   The pattern can be found in the book “Feedsacks”  from Humble Beginnings by Edie McGinnis.     

 You ask yourself why would I want to participate in a Challenge.  Here are some great reasons…It’s free, it’s easy.  Make one a day (you get to decide what size .   Nothing to purchase you can use your stash.  You end up with lots of blocks by the end of summer.  We will provide you ideas on how to put the blocks together.     

 The challenge begins July 1st and ends Augst 30th.  We will have a Nine Patch Gala on Thursday evening at 5:30 pm, July 8th.  Finger foods and drinks will be provided.  A short demonstration will be given on how to make a Two-For-One Nine Patch and ideas will be given for some quilts.  For those of you who will participate online, we would love to see what you have completed each week.  Just send us your pictures and will post on the blog.   

The 9-patch and hourglass  featured below looks great in 30’s fabrics.  It combines a 9-patch with an hourglass block.  The floral applique might remind you of something found in your grandmother’s antique trunk.   The pattern can be found in the book Quilts from the Heart II by Karin Renaud. 

Nine Patch and Hour Glass