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Moda Sampler Shuffle Blocks 16 – 18

Ready to Sew?  This weeks blocks are from Moda Designers One-Canoe-Two, Jan Patek Quilts and Lella Boutique.

From “one Canoe two”  – comes a really fun block, that will provide you with lots of practice in making  Flying Geese.

Download Sampler-shuffle-block16

Carolyn Friedlander’s Doe

CF Flying Geese 2
Reds and Creams – I had fun switching the background.

Red Flying Geese 2
Bonnie and Camille fabrics

BC Flying Geese 375


The next block is from Jan Patek, who is known for her primitive folk-art applique.  Be sure to place this little bird on point.  I’m including the finishing pattern from Moda,  if you decide that you want your finished quilt to be a horizontal setting, then be sure to place him on the block horizontally.   If you haven’t decided, I would recommend waiting until all the blocks are complete and you have made that decision.

Download Sampler-shuffle-block17

Download Sampler-shuffle_pattern

On Point Setting

Red Bird V 375

Horizontal Setting

Red Bird 375

Tutorial on Needle-Turn Applique

I love needle-turn applique and find it more relaxing than machine applique.   There is my challenge again.

I like to use the Freezer Paper method when I needle turn.  Start by tracing your design onto the dull side of the Freezer Paper…make sure your pattern is reversed.  If the pattern designer has not provided a reverse pattern, simply turn the pattern over and make a copy from the back side.  A light box comes in handy.

Cut the  traced pattern out on the lines with a pair of paper scissors and iron each template to the wrong side of the fabric, shiny side down.

NT Red Bird 6 375


Cut out your fabric pieces, adding a scant 1/4″ seam allowance.


NT Red Bird 5 375


Grab your favorite spray starch and stiletto.  I like Flatter and I love the Fig fragrance, it’s fresh, clean and environmentally safe for the environment.  Yes, you do see a paper towel laying behind my Applique Pieces.  I like to use the paper towel behind my applique for several reasons.  It helps to keep my ironing board clean and since it holds the spray it helps in setting the seams.

Start by turning the fabric over the freezer paper and pressing with your iron as you go.  The stiletto helps you keep your fingers away from the iron.  The spray stays in the paper towel and helps in pressing the seam in place as I work around the applique piece.



NT Tools


NT Red Bird 3 375

As you begin to whip-stitch your applique in place, the points can be worked under with the needle.

NT Red Bird 1 375







NT Red Bird Wing 375


Block 18 (Road to Oklahoma) is from Lella Boutique.  It has lot’s of possibilities!

Download Sampler-shuffle-block18

CF Flying Geese

Reds and Creams, the two white blocks sewn together could be a 2″ x 3 1/2″ rectangle if you venture to make your block using this particular setting.

Red Flying Geese

Bonnie and Camille – 4-patch center

BC Road to Oklahoma 375

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